Able is a service aimed at families. A space created to talk about child development and parenting concerns


Families are the cornerstone of a child’s balanced personal and socio-emotional development, and therefore A B L E ’s main focus

We offer the knowledge and support a family needs to navigate parenting dilemmas while meeting today’s stringent social demands.

Communication is our key tool. Using a preventive approach, we address families in different ways, either in groups or individually, aiming to resolve issues and concerns stemming from our present-day society, which indirectly affect our children’s personal and emotional development.


Our ultimate goal is to make a positive difference in the very young by working and intervening in their environment and immediate circle. 


A B L E is what happened when our paths crossed at the right place, at the right time. It is the consequence of sharing the same philosophy of life: education is the starting point to build the world. A B L E is the brainchild of two rigorous and visionary spirits: Maria and Lara.

We decided to pull together our energy and our desire to share knowledge and experience in order to help others, bring about meaningful changes in society and play an active part in it.