Lara Torrent Casado

A Psychology graduate, Lara holds two Master’s degrees: Educational Psychology and Educational Guidance. Her work experience covers three main areas: adolescents at risk, early learning and elementary education, and families.
Her experience and pursuits have brought her closer to a world that combines to perfection her two main passions: psychology and education. Her inquisitive spirit has led her to live and learn in various countries. But it was living in London and taking care of children which made her devote part of her efforts to family counselling. 

At present she combines it with her job as an Educational Psychologist (in Andorra), for an Early learning and Elementary School. 

All this is part of a chosen path where she hopes to work actively for children and their education, aiming to provide them with the quality and well-being they deserve.
"I believe that A B L E becomes the perfect tool to transform ideas, knowledge and values into actions which have an impact on society and, therefore, families."



María Santos Molinos

A qualified psychologist with a Masters degree in Education, Maria decided to move to London following a career in Spain where she had worked in the fields of Psychology and Education.

Instinctively non-conformist and always in search of new challenges and knowledge, she found in this city the perfect environment to connect with herself and expand her professional skills.

Her profile is enhanced and enriched by immersion in the English education system, working directly with families and special educational needs, in conjunction

with childcare in families where she plays an active part in the development and emotional wellbeing of the youngest children.

At present, Maria works at a Montessori school, where she has found a different source of knowledge and a new perspective of the world through the eyes of a child.

"A B L E is the outcome of this personal and professional journey which I undertook some time ago. It is my contribution in search of a more sensitive and open-minded approach to education."